Apple Pay: Endgame | Computerworld

Five years since it turned your iPhone into a wallet Apple now dominates the mobile payments space in the U.S., and has created a foundation of digital trust that will enable it to explore other future opportunities beyond hardware.

Money, money, money

Apple Pay was first introduced in the U.S. five years ago on October 20, 2014 (I’ve embedded its launch video below).

It is fair to say the U.S. market wasn’t really primed for mobile payment services, which were already in use in some form in Europe and APAC and adoption reflected this.

As of January 2019, just 12% of Apple Pay users were based in the U.S. with 88% elsewhere, a report from Co-Op Financial Services claimed.

Apple has kept up the pressure, working to enhance Apple Pay availability and to evangelize use of mobile devices for tasks related to personal identity – using Apple Watch as an ID on campus helps enhance perception of these devices in more vital roles.

Apple has been parlaying its high degree of user satisfaction and status as a trusted tech brand to help promote its mobile service.