Apple in India: What about the smart car revolution?

I’m going to make two predictions: Apple will (eventually) introduce its take on semi-autonomous vehicles and India will emerge to be one of the biggest markets for such vehicles.

Designed in California, Made in India

The first Apple products to be made in India are already in circulation in the form of some iPhone XR models which carry the ‘Made in India’ statement on the shipping label.

Apple hopes that making 2018’s most popular iPhone model in India will help it reduce prices and build market share in the rapidly growing economy. It’s also a good way to test the efficiency of hardware manufacturing there.

It is worth noting one more thing: Apple has always carried the ‘Designed in California, Assembled in China’ statement on the back of iPhones, but dispensed with this in iPhone 11, which only carries a centrally placed Apple logo.

Might this mean future devices will be manufactured in different locations worldwide?

Apple’s wheels will roll

I see the company managing a confluence of technologies that will contribute to its future semi-autonomous vehicles. We know it is testing these, we think we know that it will be sourcing some components for the cars from Quanta, and we also know it is developing processors, including motion, radar and Lidar processors, to help make these vehicles smart enough to handle complex road networks.