Adobe Photoshop comes to iPad (Illustrator in 2020)

The list of things iPads can’t do shrank dramatically at Adobe Max when Photoshop finally became available for iPad.

Adobe also confirmed that another key creative industry tool, Adobe Illustrator, will ship for the Apple tablet in 2020.

The do-anything iPad

Introducing the apps, Adobe VP Creative Cloud Services & Strategy, Simon Longbottom confirmed Adobe will continue to improve these products, aiming to deliver something like feature parity across all its supported platforms.

“We are launching the first version on the iPad, starting with Photoshop’s top workflows, compositing, masking and retouching, with more to come,” the company said.

It is perhaps worth noting that Photoshop on iPad is already a beast, capable of handling 500 layers in a single image, and capable of ingesting and working with 1GB image files.

That’s significant, but it’s probably equally important to note that Photoshop for iPad is compatible with any iOS 13 iPad – which means you can use it on older iPad minis.

Of course, the industry continues to move on and it is arguable that Adobe no longer enjoys the same level of industry dominance it once held.