Adobe Fresco beta version released

Adobe’s drawing app for creative artists boasts a true-to-life user experience.



Adobe has promised more intuitive and efficient creative experiences for the on-the-go content creators for the last year or two. The previously released Premiere Rush gives video creators mobile options to create captivating video. Lightroom CC is great for photographers who want to edit image files. 

But wait. There’s more up Adobe’s sleeves with the forthcoming Photoshop for iPad as well as the recently released beta version of Adobe Fresco for iPad. 

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What is Adobe Fresco?

Adobe first mentioned
Project Gemini at the 2018 Adobe Max
conference, but has since renamed the product Fresco. Fresco is a digital sketching, drawing, and painting app, which mimics the authentic feeling of drawing or painting on a digital device such as an iPad. The app focuses on providing artists with all the tools they would normally have at their disposal in a studio such as different brush or pencils types, different inks and paint, as well as digital tools such as layers and blend modes. 

I had an opportunity to try out the beta version of the app. I was curious to see if this app and UX was really as natural as promised. And to Adobe’s credit, the experience is quite nice for a beta product.

Fresco features

The app features a layout very similar to the “lite” version of Photoshop or Illustrator on an iPad. The interface is intuitive and packed with tool tips to guide users along the way. Different brushes and pencils are available, or you can even import any custom brushes you created or downloaded online into the app (Figure A). 

The brushes emulate the same movements of a brush on a real canvas. Couple this with the pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil on your iPad,…