7 Apple presentation secrets enterprise workers need

Apple’s competitors hate the company’s slick marketing, but enterprise workers should try to follow the path of distilled simplicity to help get their own messages across.

Seize the day

You have 90 seconds to capture your audience’s attention.

Practice your presentation, thank people who helped make it happen and try to be authentic and genuine. People always react better to authentic people. To the extent that authenticity has itself become an art form.

Don’t waste (other people’s) time

How often do you find a presentation slide shows so much information you don’t take any of it in? Apple doesn’t do this.

Almost every announcement I have seen tells me that when it wants to get its message across it focuses on one number (large font) and one description (small). And boosts the impact of the slide with an eye-catching high-quality image and short and punchy lists. Keep it short. Keep it simple.

A picture really is a thousand words – and video takes this to a different level.