5 common myths about digital transformation

Digital transformation is in full force for companies both large and small, with new technologies such as 5G, Bitcoin, and chatbots causing major disruption. 

Companies that embrace these trends will find they can all help reach more customers and improve service offerings in countless ways – but miss the boat and you may have to play catch up.

That said, while digital transformation is all about a groundswell of innovation for business and catapulting us forward, it can be easy to misread the signs, misinterpret the innovations, and become distracted by mere changes in opinions and trends. True disruption means radical changes, but there are also common myths about digital transformation. Misreading and misinterpreting trends can lead to a whole new problem: Being sidetracked and misguided. 

These are some of the myths to be aware of when it comes to digital transformation, the traps to avoid so that you are not caught up in a technology trend that is not actually innovative or impactful for your business or that won’t advance your company.

1. All technology innovations are incrimental 

In technology, there are certainly many “point” releases meant to address security issues, slightly improved new features, and appease certain users. These incremental upgrades are becoming more common, and there’s a tendency to view incremental upgrades as not that important or part of the normal cycle of innovation.

That said, it’s tempting to view all digital transformation as…