4 must-have tools for creating videos with a mobile device

Creating video footage with your smartphones is easy when you have the right tools.


Ant Pruitt

The number one question I’m asked is “What camera should I get?” The second most popular question I’m always asked is how to get started with YouTube video recording. It’s fascinating how so many people assume that you need a big, specialized camera to create awesome video. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, all you need is your smartphone. 

Allow me to share the four must-have components that can really kick-start your video creating journey.

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1. Smartphone

While there are some amazing cameras with great video capability, you cannot dismiss the capabilities of your smartphone. Marketshare shows that most of you carry one of the top notch Android phones as well as one of the latest iPhones. Any of the flagship phones offered today make a great option for shooting high-definition footage as well as UHD footage, giving viewers beautiful eye-candy. In addition to high-resolution footage, smartphones offer up smooth footage that’s automatically stabilized. So with video, you’re already capable of handling two huge challenges as soon as you pick up your smartphone. Take advantage of these capabilities. 

2. Cardioid microphone

Now that you’re ready to shoot with your trusty smartphone, you have to consider the audio input. Today’s smartphones do a decent job with noise cancellation, but quite frankly, that’s optimized more for your actual phone calls. When using a smartphone to record video, the mics tend to pick up more ambient sound than is desired. 

This is why you should invest in an inexpensive, yet quality cardioid microphone. A cardioid microphone will reduce ambient sound and focus more on the featured speaker on the video. The folks at Rode offer several great options. I…